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Why pressure Washing Longview WA

Over time mold dirt and Mildew can accumulate on many surfaces around the home. This is not only unsightly. These contaminates will disrupt, deteriorate and damage your exterior surfaces. To keep your surfaces in tip top shape a regular cleaning and maintenance will prolong the integrity, beauty and lifespan of your home.

Adding pressure washing to your regular maintenance will not only save you money on repair and replacements costs but give you a cleaner healthier and safer. Clean decks sidewalks and pools reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents protecting you and your loved ones.

Our Longview pressure washing team can restore the look of your home’s exterior to its prime.

We use the most progressive technology in our pressure washing service to cleanse and brighten your home’s surfaces. We have the knowledge and skill to remove dirt, mold, algae, mildew, stains, graffiti and debris from all of your home’s surfaces.


We wash house walls, roofs, decks, patios, walkways, driveways, pool areas, backyards, fences and more.

We will make every part of your home look new again. You’ll be surprised at what a difference a power washing can make to your home’s appearance. Refresh your entire home with PUIRI’s power washing service.


All materials are different and react differently so we will evaluate the surface and initiate a procedure to tackle each surface. No matter the material, our team has the right tools and technique to revitalize the surface. Wood, stucco, stone, brick, concrete, metal and vinyl we tackle every type of exterior.


Our technicians will use the appropriate tools and washing techniques to care for each specific surface. We not only pressure wash but we also soft wash and steam clean.

What time of year is best to treat or remove moss?

Moss, what is the best time of year to address moss buildup. Any time of the year is a perfect time for moss removal and treatment. Most surfaces can be pressure washed as a means of moss removal which addresses most of the organic growth. Fall is a good time to chemically treat the microscopic spores which are beginning to bloom.


Driveway Cleaning

No more unsightly stains in your driveway.

Sidewalk Cleaning

A good cleaning makes an amazing difference.


Siding Cleaning

Give your home's siding a make over.


Brick Stains

Let us restore your brick's natural beauty.

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Pressure Washing vs. Soft Washing



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