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At PUIRI we use a proven multistep process that produces the top results every time. The exceptional service you receive is backed by the best equipment and products in the industry. Extensive Training and continuing education keep us at the forefront of the industry setting the standard and raising the bar.

Pet and Child safe products

We are not about to pollute your home with unnecessary toxic chemicals. We work with the very best companies to utilize the most suited products for you needs. We believe that your home should be as clean and safe as possible. Many companies are willing to use the cheapest products that are not only bad for your carpet but also your health. Just because we use environmentally conscious products does not mean they are not effective. Our products outperform day in and day out. you can trust PUIRI to get your carpets clean without doing harm to your carpet, family or the environment.


Not only do we provide an exceptional cleaning service, we also give great customer service. From the moment you first contact us we will put you at ease we can go through our service and carefully answer any questions.  Every Cleaning will start with an inspection by one of our specialists in order to determine the most appropriate cleaning techniques for you. we will go through the process with you. When your done you will be left with your home or business clean and you will be happy. This is why we get so many great reviews.


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What can I expect from a carpet cleaning service?




How long does it take to clean my carpets?

The time it takes to clean a carpet depends on how soiled it is. A Routine maintenance cleaning will take a lot less time than a thrashed carpet from a rental property. [read more button linked to this page]

How long does the carpet take to dry?

The industry average for professional carpet cleaning with the hot water extraction method is 4-6 hours. Here are several factors that can affect the drying and some that we can use to speed up the process.

Dry time is influenced by several factors some that we can control and some that we cannot.

The top factors are:

Air movement




Saturation of the fiber

Fiber Type

Air movement

As the wind blows so do the carpets dry. Many people consider air movement to be the most essential part of the drying process and as it is very important there are many other factors that will also respectively affect the process such as relative humidity.


The lower the humidity the more the air is susceptible to draw in the moisture from the carpet. Therefore, the fastest dry times happen when the humidity drops in the winter with the freezing weather. I have seen carpeting dry in a quarter of the time as it would on a sunny spring day


The room temperature as well as the water temperature used in the cleaning process will have an impact on the dry times. As the room is cooler there will be less evaporation and a cleaning with hotter water will have and effect on the saturation of the fiber.


With a deep restorative clean the dry times will be noticeably longer than a carpet with only minor soiling.  The deeper the penetration of the moisture the longer it will take for it to dry.  If the cleaning can be contained mostly to the upper third of the fiber it will be a much faster dry then if it needs to be cleaned right to the backing.

Fiber Type

Many carpets today are synthetic materials and dry much faster than their natural counterparts. As a nylon or polyester carpet will dry relatively quickly the natural fibers of a wool or cotton rug will be sure to take their due time to dry.  In this area most wall to wall carpet tends to be synthetic and just a small percentage tends to be a blend or natural fiber.

The industry average for professional carpet cleaning with the hot water extraction method is 4-6 hours. Here are several factors that can effect the drying  and some that we can use to speed up the process.

What kind of cleaning methods do we use?

As a professional cleaning company, the PUIRI Team is knowable and trained to perform many types of cleaning methods. Ninety percent of residential carpet cleaning we do is done by the hot water Extraction method or commonly known as steam cleaning. It is the most effective and versatile operation for many of our customer’s needs. There are times that do warrant a different type of cleaning. Consequently, we also do other types of cleaning. Low moisture cleaning is a good option for many  situations where the carpets have been well maintained and it is more suitable to use a lower moisture process. Sometimes these cleaning processes are called encapsulation, bonnet cleaning and dry carpet shampooing. There is also an option that is sometimes used called ultra-low moisture cleaning or ULM that uses a dry absorbent compound. We use this method from time to time as the situation permits but it is a more expensive method that often is set aside by the fresh results from the truck mounted steam cleaning.

What does it cost to have my carpets Cleaned?

Our prices are very competitive in our area. There are companies that are cheaper, but it is not necessarily les expensive. Here in Longview we are cleaning a couple homes a week that were improperly cleaned by another company here in town. Sometimes the damage done by the other cleaner has permanently destroyed the carpet or furniture they cleaned giving them a much lower grade than the A+ grade the customer was expecting. For detailed pricing see our local pricing guide.

Do you clean Rugs?

Yes, we love to offer our Longview residents both onsite rug cleaning as well as taking them to our rug wash for a full deep submersion cleaning. We can care for your Wool or silk oriental Persian Area rugs and throw rugs.

Can you shampoo my carpets?

The process of carpet Shampooing is mostly obsolete in the professional carpet cleaning industry. As a textile specialist it is usually unadvisable. The new methods of cleaning are far more affective and create better results call us today to discuss your needs in carpet cleaning.

What do you clean besides carpets?

In the Longview area we have grown to clean many of you homes surfaces such as windows hard surface floors tile grout Upholstery and pressure washing. For a complete list of our local services please visit our Longview Home page.

How far ahead do I need to schedule?

As an ever-growing company we make it a point to be able to schedule you in as soon as possible. We are even willing to work late or after hours to make it happen for you and by special appointment on Sundays. We are usually booked out a week with special days booked months in advance. So we appreciate as much notice as you can.

Do you work on weekends?

Our founding family keeps the sabbath on Saturday and therefore is not available for work on that day except for emergencies that can’t wait until the next day. As we do have family’s we try to keep our Sundays free for family time but we will schedule them when it is appropriate for your needs.

Can you remove stains from my carpet?

Most of the time Yes! There are sometimes factors beyond our control that make it very difficult to fully remove a stain or impossible. Often this is caused by improper treatment or improper removal techniques. If the stain is not removable than there are other options.

Can you fix Pet Damage to my carpeting?

Pet damage can be fixed in most cases. From odor removal stain removal and carpet repair, we have options for your pet damaged carpet.

Does carpet protectant really work?

The advantages to protecting your carpet and furniture is great.  With the advances in technology using a carpet protectant. To learn more about Scotch guard Dupont with Teflon and other protectant options please visit our protectant page here.

What should I do before the carpet cleaner arrives?

We prefer when the carpet is picked up and vacuumed. Usually we like access to an outdoor faucet to hook up to but it is not necessary. Please let us know in advance if there is no water onsite.

Can you clean and stretch in the same visit?

We usually like to stretch a carpet before we clean it but as long as we know ahead or have time then we can do it.


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