Carpet repair, instead of replacement, can save you money! Don't toss that carpet just because of a minor flaw or damage. Many carpets can be fixed to made to look like new. Repairs are a great way to save you the money and hassle of new carpets throughout the home. Keeping the homes appearance the way you want it.

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Finding a proper piece of carpet for the patch

The chances of finding a match in a carpet store are not good. Even if you do find something that is supposed to be the same exact carpet, it’s likely that the dye lot or pattern will be different. Most of the time there are some scraps left over from the original installation. These leftover scraps are the best place to start looking for a suitable patch. This is a good reason to save the scraps when you have new carpet installed.

Another place to find a suitable piece of carpet for your carpet repair is in a closet. We will often remove a piece of carpet from a closet for the repair then we will replace the closet carpet with something that closely matches. We can also do an accent strip or panel somewhere in the home and use that carpet piece for the repair.

If the stairway or hallway carpet has worn out but all the other carpet in the house still looks good, you may want to pull the carpet out of one bedroom to use to replace the worn out areas.

Understanding the layers of a carpet

The top layer is called the carpet nap or the carpet pile. Carpet pile needs to be considered when doing any kind of carpet repair. The shorter the nap, the more likely it is that you will see the seams. The next layer below the carpet nap is the backing. Most carpet comes with two layers of backing. The nap and layers of backing are normally all held together with a very strong adhesive. Under the carpet backing is your carpet pad. Some carpet repairs can localized to just the top layer. In the case of a minor carpet burn we will just remove the top layer of carpet while leaving the backing in place. While other times we will remove the backing.

Carpet Repair FAQs

Question: Will you be able to see the patch?

Answer: You may or may not be able to see the patch. Sometimes the patch is completely invisible. Other times it's a little more obvious that a carpet has been patched.

There are several factors that determine the visibility of a patch including carpet type and age. While a rigid Berber carpet is the easiest to hide, a patch in softer, less dense carpets has a tendency to show a little more. When it comes to carpet patching, it is an art as well as a science. We do our best to blend the new carpet with the old.

The visibility of the carpet patch will be determined by the condition of the material used for the patch compared to the carpet surrounding the patch. For example If the patch is in a high traffic area and had worn a bit and the piece to be used for the patch is from a closet that is in like-new condition, there will be a tendency for there to be some difference visible. We do have ways to blend the patch making it less noticeable. Time will also help the patch to wear in.

We can’t promise that the patch will be invisible but we do the best we can to make it so. Some examples: Short nap carpet shows the seams more than long nap carpet. Looped carpet shows the seams more on the cross cuts than on the cuts that go the same direction as the rows. If you use a new piece of un-faded carpet that's not worn and patch it next to faded carpet or worn carpet, you'll see the patch because of the difference in color or wear. We can sometimes dye the carpet or the patch to blend it better.

Question: Do I have to move the furniture?

Answer: Sometimes it is necessary to move all the furniture while there are times that the big pieces can be left in their places. It is all determined in where we need to be to do a proper repair.

Question: Where does the extra carpet for a carpet repair come from?

Answer: We need an extra piece of carpet to do the repair. If you have extra carpet, we can do the patch for you. If you don't have extra carpet, we can steal some from a closet or an inconspicuous area.

If you would like to find some carpet that we can put in your closet and then use the original closet carpet to do the patch with, we can come do that for you. We don't usually supply carpet for you due to it being nearly impossible to find a perfect match. If you would like to try to find a matching piece of carpet, and you're successful, we can put it in for you. If the carpet is fairly new our suppliers may have the color available.

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