Professional Carpet Spot Removal

The biggest issue with removing spots from a carpet is someone trying to remove it with bad products setting it in. Products like Resolve Pet Spotter will run you $8 to $12 and all they do is ruin your carpet. Most stains are much easier to remove with professional products Than DIY Methods. But there are a lot of Spots and stains that you can do on your own. This is why we have provided a comprehensive guide for Do-it-Yourself Spot & Stain Removal. Check out the PUIRI Spot Removal Guide for more!

The best alternative for tricky stains is to have us do your spot removal. Honestly most of the work in spot removal is dealing with an improperly cared for carpet or foreign substances in the carpet. When we remove spots from a properly clean & protected rug or carpet it is usually an easy process. To prevent future issues with Stains check out our carpet protectant page!

If for some reason a spot or stain is permanent there is still an option. We also offer carpet repair services. Carpet patching sounds barbaric but it is actually a delicate craft that will allow a clean tidy removal of an obtuse flaw in the carpet. Check out our Carpet Repair page for more!

What’s the process?

Many stains can be cleaned out with our normal cleaning process. There are some stains like Printer toner that must not get wet! This is why we always do a walk through to identify problem areas before any cleaning. Some spots are best pretreated and some are ok with a post removal if even necessary. If you have any questions not answered her you may visit our Carpet Cleaning FAQ’s page!

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We are rebuilding... Spot Removal Guide will be back soon!

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