Curtain & Drapery Cleaning

PUIRI provides a curtain and drapery cleaning service. Sometimes we can do an on-site cleaning, however, often, we prefer to take them to our facility for a superior cleaning service.

The growing variety of unusual fabrics makes it increasinly important that your curtains be cleaned by someone who knows fabrics, is fmailiar with the textiles used, and understands how your curtains and draperies are constructed.

When cleaning your curtains off-site we will first provide you with a costing. Sometimes over the phone, if you have the necessary information on hand, but more often after a visit to your home or premises to inspect the fabrics and assess the work involved. The site visit enables the technician to check for UV damage or fabric weakening from sunlight and to recommend appropriate action.

The cleaner must then decide whether the curtains require dry cleaning or washing. Most dry cleaning processes immerse the curtains in dry cleaning solvent inside a dry cleaning machine, but fabrics sometimes, particularly if they are fragile, respond to bench cleaning with an external dry cleaning unit, enabling the qualified technician to observe what is happening as the fabric is treated. This method may also be appropriate where, for example, a large bay window has ornate or complicated multi-sectioned pelmets with swags and tails.

The specialist will not only check the fabric and the construction before cleaning but also, as part of the finishing process, will ensure that all removable stains have been treated and that the cleaning process has been as successful as possible. Customers are reminded that curtain cleaning is refurbishment, not renewal. If you leave curtains in place for years without proper care and attention, it is extremely unlikely that they can be cleaned to  as-new condition. As always, common sense must rule.

Sometimes, the main requirement is to remove accumulated dust on the headings. In many cases noticeable spots and stains will also be treated. The range of services offered is far greater than can be offered by local dry cleaners, so it pays to contact PUIRI whenever you need professional curtain and drapery cleaning services.

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