Why do I need my carpet stretched?

PUIRI's carpet stretching services are called upon for a variety of reasons. It is helpful to figure out the reason behind why your carpet needs restretching.

Improperly Installed Carpet

New carpet is stretched when it’s installed. If it is not properly stretched during installation, over time the carpet may develop ripples, wrinkles and waves. Years ago, loosening carpet was often due to weak carpet backing. The process and materials used in manufacturing has changed and many carpets are now made with a stiffer backing. This heavier backing makes utilizing the proper tools and techniques essential when installing carpet.

Professional installers will utilize some form of a power stretcher to properly stretch in carpet. Most carpets are stretched in from wall to wall and held into place with tacked nail strips, or tack strip.

Some installers “cheat” on the stretching process. They will cut and lay the carpet in place, kicking it in place with a knee kicker and not a power stretcher. They never take the  time to pull out and use their power stretcher to finish the job properly. If an installer is only using the knee kicker to install new carpet, it is very unlikely that it is going to be stretched to the manufacturers’ specifications, leaving it susceptible to loosening and rippling.

Low-quality Carpet Padding

It is important to get a good quality carpet padding, and have it properly installed, to create a solid, sustainable foundation for the life of your carpet. Selecting improper padding can void the manufacturer’s warranty and cause your carpet to prematurely wear and wrinkle. Inexpensive, low quality carpet padding may appear to save money up front, but over time, you will end up paying for that savings.

Moving Heavy Loads

Moving heavy furniture can cause issues with stretched-in carpeting. The process of rolling or sliding a heavy object across carpeting can cause problems. Heavy furniture, like beds and pianos, have a tendency to pull on the carpet changing the stretch of the carpet. A properly stretched carpet is usually be able to rebound from the pressures caused by the furniture but there are times that it will require a re-stretch to make it smooth again.

Wheel Chairs, walkers and mobility scooters can also damage the stretch of the carpet. Over time, with prolonged use, the backing can loosen in the wheel tracks. It is important to have these areas re-stretched as wrinkles appear to eliminate tripping hazards and premature failure of the carpet.

Pad Failures

There are several ways the padding can cause failure in the tension of the carpet. One common problem with an impropperinstallation is the padding overlaps onto the tack strip. When this happens the tack strip does not grab the carpet well causing the carpet to come loose. Another result of poor installation is when a piece of padding overlaps another. This most commonly happens with carpeting laid down over concrete. Because the installer cannot staple the pad down they fail to glue or tape the seams properly. Carpet padding provides a layer of support between your carpet and floor. Over time it wears out, compresses, and loses its resilience. Old and worn-out carpet padding can cause fatigue to the carpet backing causing unsightly carpet ripples.

Sometimes either repairing the carpet pad or doing a full Pad replacement may be the answer to save your carpet.


Carpet can loosen up when the backing gets wet or damp. This can be the result of improper cleaning, flooding or moisture from beneath the carpet. Over-wetting is more commonly found to be a problem with older and natural fiber carpeting.


Delamination is when the carpet fibers separate from the backing. This may be caused by a manufacturing defect. Prolonged moisture from below the floor can also break down the backing of the carpet. These vapor emissions can create a serious delamination issue. Improper cleaning, over-wetting the carpet or flooding in the home are the usual culprits.

Delamination is not repairable via stretching. Patching, depending on the extent of the damage, may solve the problem. If not, complete removal and replacement may be necessary.


Another common cause of carpet wrinkling is from a house or room being left closed for a long period of time, especially in the summer. Leaving carpet exposed to high temperatures (above 85 degrees Fahrenheit) for an extended period of time can cause problems. Add high fluctuations in temperature and humidity and your carpet doesn't have a chance.

Cat Got Your Carpet?

Carpet repair is possable! Let us patch in that tornup area. It is time to make your carpets look new again! 

Squeeky Floor?

Let us fix that for you! When we are stretching your carpet it is the perfict time to quiet that noisy floor. 

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