Do you confirm appointments with a phone call or email?
Yes, we send out an email confirmation shortly after you set up your appointment. Please look it over to make sure all information was entered correctly. Then, the day before your appointment you will receive another email as a reminder. If there are any changes, pleases let us know then.
Do you move the furniture or should I move it before you come? We move most small to medium furniture. We prefer not to move electronics, pianos and large or delicate pieces of furniture. (We only charge for what we clean not by the room.)
Is there a travel charge?
There is no travel charge in our local service area. Travel is included in the service (unless you are outside our service area). Our extended service area is quite extensive that is why we have different minimum charges. (Get your neighbor to have their carpet cleaned at the same time and we will waive the higher minimum job price in the extended area.)
Do I need to leave my house while you are cleaning?
You can stay. You can leave. You can stay and then leave, or leave a key and show up later. Or make arrangements and not be there at all. We are flexible and work around your schedule.
My house is big can you clean the whole thing?
One of the houses we clean has over 8000 square feet of carpet on each floor. We can do any size job. If you have a big job we appreciate you letting us know in advance as to schedule enough time.
Can you clean a rug on a hardwood floor?
Not a problem we our process does not soak the underside of the carpet so in most cases with most carpet types we can do this.
Which cleaning method is the best for me?
More than 90% of the time Hot water Extraction is the best most thorough method of cleaning. The equipment and the skill of the technician make a huge difference in how effective and the speed of dry times. There are times for Low Moisture cleanings and Very low moisture cleanings and we offer these services too.
Will hot water damage carpets?
If the water is too hot it could but that is why we have a system designed to properly manage our water temperatures. This is why we do not recommend “true steam cleaning” as it will damage the carpets.
How long does it take until I can walk on the carpet after you’ve cleaned it?
Normal walking on the carpet as soon as we are done will not be an issue. Many companies because of their lesser cleaning methods will tell you to stay off the carpet for at least 2 hours.
Will my carpets just get dirty again?
Cleaning carpets is just like washing your car – you can’t just do it once. With carpets and upholstery, once a year is recommended.
Can you get coffee out of my carpet?
Yes as there are many factors that set in a stain most things like coffee can be removed. Here are a few other things we commonly are asked about that we can remove: Soda, Wine, Rust, Blood, Vomit, Urine Lipstick, Ink, Crayon, Tar, Grease, Paint, Ketchup, Mustard and Chocolate
How long will it take to clean my carpets?
Whole houses take about 2 to 3 hours, or a little longer if we clean your furniture too.
What if I want to cancel an appointment?
We ask that you give as much notice as you can. Almost daily we have calls coming in that need a cleaning right now. If you need to reschedule its not a problem. Just please let us know as soon as possible.
How do you guarantee customer satisfaction?
We don't get call backs too often, but we are happy to come back out and address any situation that may need attention. We try to be as thorough as possible Please call us within a week of the original appointment.

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