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Why Choose PUIRI?



Knowledge, involvement, skill, practice and understanding drive us to be the finest at our craft. We have become the experts when it comes to excellent carpet cleaning.


We possess the proper tools and equipment to get the cleaning done, keeping us effective and making us effective where others cannot perform. We often lift stains that have been passed over by other cleaners.


We are pleased to deliver top-quality carpet cleaning services at locally competitive prices. We are service driven and will maintain a top-quality carpet cleaning that is locally affordable.


Every cleaning is an opportunity to exercise our skill and knowledge to create that 5-star carpet cleaning right here locally. Our standards are testament to your guarantee of quality every time.


After years serving the people in our area, we have become the trusted choice for all things carpet. Our great customer and community support allow us to pride ourselves on a job well done.

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Carpet Cleaning, The Way It Should Be

PUIRI is at the forefront of our area’s carpet cleaning companies, specializing in commercial and residential carpet cleaning.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to carpet cleaning. Every situation is different. A polyester carpet with light soiling requires different treatment than a wool rug in a house with dogs. Nylon responds to cleaning products and techniques much differently than olefin. Most of our customers just know they have carpet on their floor. That’s why they trust us to properly care for their carpets. We are extensively trained and experienced in carpet identification so we can care for it the best way that fits each individual situation. You should expect nothing less from the person cleaning your carpet.

Health is important to us and so we choose products on how effective they work and environmental concerns keeping your indoor air quality as good as it can be.  A clean carpet stays cleaner longer than one saturated with toxic contaminates, like chemicals used by poor quality, splash-and-dash carpet cleaners.

As one of the highest-rated carpet cleaning companies around, we, at PUIRI, are committed to combating stains, dust, odors, mold and bacteria within your carpets. If you have pets, children, grandchildren or breathe your home’s air, you will appreciate our commitment to the total clean. We do it right every time!

Clean Carpets Improve Air Quality

When it comes to indoor air quality, we normally think about changing our furnace filters. This will help keep your air cleaner, but did you know that your carpet itself acts as a huge air filter? Carpet fibers trap contaminates from the air, preventing them from blowing around the room and being inhaled. It’s important to have a preventative, comprehensive, safe and sanitary carpet cleaning schedule in place to keep your home healthy.

Your Complete Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Care Specialists

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PUIRI’s Carpet Cleaning Services

PUIRI offers a variety of home cleaning services to make your year-round interior and exterior home maintenance as convenient as possible. We offer them to you, Because You Deserve It.

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Carpet Cleaning

Choose low moisture or our high-powered truck-mounted extraction system and we will make your carpets fresh, soft and vibrant again.

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Often neglected, but well deserved, your upholstery and furniture need the fresh touch of a professional cleaning. Extend the life of your upholstery fabric simply by scheduling regular maintenance cleaning with your carpet cleaning appointment.


Rug Cleaning

Using our processes we can restore and maintain your rugs. Let us give your rug the spa treatment in our facility. All rugs are handled with the utmost care.

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Pet Stains and Odors

Children, pets, even a spouse can be hard on the carpets. Don’t live with unsightly spots and stains or settle for a stinky room when it can so easily be clean and fresh again. Stinky cat? We can fix that!

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Carpet Protection

Extend the life and stain resistance of your carpeting with our comprehensive carpet protection maintenance service.

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Carpet Repair

Burns, tears or ripples? We can fix your carpets issues. Just because it is there now doesn’t mean it has to be there tomorrow.

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PUIRI Cleaning Services

PUIRI offers a variety of home cleaning services to make your year-round interior and exterior home maintenance as convenient as possible. We offer them to you, Because You Deserve It.

Top Rated

PUIRI five stars

Don’t take our word for it! Hear what your friends and family are saying about us. We are a five-star company for a reason. Voted Best Carpet Cleaning Service Company for years, with exceptional customer reviews.


Getting your carpets cleaned does not have to mean filling your home with toxic chemicals. Our products include bio-based blends of ingredients, including citrus oils, in our green, citrus-based, all-natural carpet cleaner.


No hidden fees. Ever. No surprises, up-selling or mysterious last-minute markups. Our pricing is available online for anyone to see. Clear and upfront pricing by the room for residential, and free onsite quotes for your commercial cleaning needs.


With more than 25 years experience, we have proven professional industry experience. Our history is a testament to our future. Trustworthy, dependable, skilled technicians providing thorough cleans, every time.

Cleaning Services

We offer several services that can be beneficial for you. We offer them to you because you deserve it.

Carpet Cleaning: Choose low moisture or our High-powered truck-mounted extraction system and we will make your carpets fresh and vibrant again.

Upholstery: often neglected but well deserving your upholstery and furniture need the fresh touch of a professional cleaning. Extend the lifetime of your upholstery fabric by scheduling regular maintenance cleaning with your carpet cleaning appointment.

Rug Cleaning: Using our processes we can restore and maintain your rugs. Let us give your rug the spa treatment in our facility. All rugs are handled with the utmost care.

Pet Stains and Odors: Children pets or a spouse can be hard on the carpets. Don’t live with spots and stains let us clean them up. Don’t settle for a stinky room when it can be clean and fresh. Stinky cat we can fix that.

Carpet Protection: Extend the life and stain resistance with our comprehensive carpet protection service.

Carpet Repair: Burns tears or ripples? We can fix your carpets issues. Just because it is the now doesn’t mean it has to be there tomorrow.

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Platinum Level Cleaning

To maintain the peak performance and beauty of carpet, the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) recommends periodic professional cleaning. We use The Carpet and Rug Institute Platinum Level Certified Deep Cleaning Systems for superior cleaning and service. The CRI Seal of Approval is an important resource for the cleaning professional facility manager or consumer.

Proper cleaning is paramount to the life and appearance of carpet. The Carpet and Rug Institute has developed Commercial and Residential Standards for Maintenance and Cleaning. These procedures outline how to maintain carpet in any and all environments. Our systems are aligned with the 204 and 205 standards that were developed by manufacturer representatives.

For your home, office, or commercial facility the CRI 204 and 205 were created to outline the proper protocols for commercial and residential cleaning. Developed by those with the most comprehensive technical backgrounds along with input from the cleaning industry these standards are also the only carpet cleaning standards created and supported by the industry. The CRI 205 Residential Carpet Standard for cleaning and maintenance was created in order to get the maximum life and use of your home’s carpet. Likewise, the CRI 204 was designed for optimal use of your commercial carpets.

VIDEO>>> Sticky Residue attracts soil causing rapid resoling.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

Everything You Need to Know About Residential Carpet Cleaning

PUIRI offers more than your typical residential carpet cleaner. We can give your carpets a restorative cleaning or a maintenance cleaning. With our maintenance programs we can keep your carpets fresh, clean and odor free. We’re not worried it you have pets, children or grandchildren we can clean up after them. Carpets take a beating and we clean them back up. It’s our job and it’s what we do best.

Are your carpets making you feel refreshed, clear and healthy? If you can’t feel relaxed and refreshed in your living environment, then it’s past time to have your homes carpets cleaned. Regular carpet cleaning service improves the air quality of your home. Rugs and carpets can hold hidden mold, bacteria and dust. If you’re not clear and healthy those carpets could be causing issues. Don’t forget your upholstered furniture your sofas and ottomans may be in need a good cleaning too.

Restorative Carpet Cleaning

If you’ve never had your carpets cleaned before, it’s not too late to let us transform them! We can take out those stains that have been there for years and relieve the floor of all it’s fifth. When you own rental properties the tenants often don’t keep up with maintenance or completely disregard any hint of cleanliness. We can come in and bring those carpets back to life. Don’t replace when you can have it cleaned. Hiring a residential carpet cleaning service to do a deep clean of your home or rental once a year is an excellent way to be proactive.

PUIRI a cost-effective solution

We are often told that our prices are too low. We know our prices are quite reasonable and for a good reason. We believe everyone should be able to have a happy healthy home. Our residential carpet cleaning prices are affordable and flexible. Choose the service you need, and we are here for you.

We are not a nonprofit, but you wouldn’t know. We subsidize our rates for those in the community that can’t afford our services. Just because someone has had unfortunate events in life doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a clean healthy home. We will also assist to keep homes in order, so the property managers don’t evict tenants down on their luck.

You’ll never see mysterious last-minute charges, up selling or hidden charges.  We are a service first company you come first before our bottom line. We are delighted to provide you with an unparalleled customer experience.

Sit back relax and let us clean your carpeting today.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Running a business and managing the facility or just facility management is quite time consuming. There is no reason to stress over cleaning the carpets when you can have us take care of them for you. We offer a onetime standalone clean or we can set up a maintenance program keeping your carpets always at their best. As one of the top-rated commercial carpet cleaning services we are prepared to maintain your facilities carpet needs. Our team is equipped to take on the toughest corporate carpet stains. Coffee spills? No problem! We have your carpet cleaning needs covered.

Give your whole office space a facelift with beautiful fresh clean carpets. We will keep them clean for you. All offices and work environments should be cleaned at minimum once a year. Keep that dirt filled bacteria laden carpet from affecting the indoor air quality of the office environment. We recommend that any time a carpet looks visibly dirty have us clean it.

Commercial Spaces That We Clean



High Rises

Retail Spaces



Club houses






Wedding Venues

Funeral Homes

Nursing Homes

Memory Care Facilities

Rental Properties

Doctor’s Offices

Daycare Centers



Small Business Carpet Cleaning Services

We understand what it takes to be a small business. Schedules, money and time all stretched tight. You want premium carpet cleaning services but simply can’t afford the expenditure. That is why we can tailor our services to accommodate your budget. We want to assist you to make your life easier and healthier.

Carpet Cleaning for Property Management Companies

Are you in need of a high-rise carpet cleaning or offices rental properties or apartments We can offer you the best deep clean or a maintenance carpet cleaning, We also offer a full range of other cleaning services? If you need it cleaned, we can do it for you just ask. Tired of trash outs? Is your fleet in need of cleaning? Do you have a property that has a foul odor? Let us clean it for you.

More than one way to clean your carpets

There is more than one way to clean your carpeting. Each fiber and style have different requirements to properly maintain their longevity. We are not a one size fits all carpet cleaning company. We have invested a tremendous amount of resources to become fluent in many types of cleaning.  Here are the ones we commonly use.


Dry in Less Than 5 Minutes

You want your carpets dry now, because you want to use them now; not in a few hours or in thirty minutes. With PUIRI’s new, cutting edge Ultra-Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning System, you can have your cake and eat it too. No fuss, just great fresh, clean carpets – every time.


Dry in 30-60 Minutes

Nothing is more inconvenient than having your carpets cleaned and then having to wait hours for them to dry. PUIRI offers a carpet cleaning option that is getting rave reviews. Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning leaves your carpets dry in less thirty minutes and ready for normal use. It is a great option for those routine maintenance cleanings.


Dry in 4-6 Hours

With our custom-fabricated equipment, our powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines deliver the ultimate in clean. Expert training and product knowledge, combined with superior equipment, means PUIRI provides your carpet the luxury spa treatment it deserves.

Would you like to know more?

We have other methods of cleaning your carpets.

Learn more about Carpet Cleaning types.>>

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Safer Healthier Cleaning

PUIRI is known for being a Green Company. What does that really mean? Its not about using less water or lowering our “carbon footprint” it is about good sustainable practices. We believe that LEED building standards pertaining to carpet cleaning are set too low. We realize our standards and practices exceed any LEED certifications.  We save more carpets, more upholstery and more vehicles than any other company around.

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ORGANIC CARPET CLEANING with Environmentally Friendly products

Have you tried to do-it-yourself with that DIY non-toxic carpet cleaner recipe but regretted it? PUIRI’s Organic Carpet Cleaning is a great, baby-safe, eco-friendly, green carpet cleaning service, using our natural, organic and hypoallergenic products, to give you fresh clean carpets.

>>Article – Keeping it safer for the team – Workplace indoor air quality Shop van and home.

Carpet & Rug Odor Removal

Taking control of the odors in our textiles is a PUIRI specialty. Deodorizing gets a bad name because many companies simply mask the smells with other smells. While trading odors may appeal to our senses it is not a proper way to react to foul odors. When that cat or dog pees on the carpet we want all the smell to be gone not covered up. It’s all about removing the source of the odor then the problem is gone. It’s not always that easy to do but for each case there is a solution. Don’t let the whole house permeate with those dreadful smells any longer.

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Cleaning Packages

Basic Cleaning package

Great Service and Great Cleaning every time

Stain fighter Package

Step up the game by adding our protection making your carpets last longer with great stain resistance.


Non-Toxic & Pet Safe

The health and safety of our pets is important to us. PUIRI offers pet-safe, non-toxic carpet cleaning. Poor carpet cleaning practices and the use of less-than-stellar products leave dangerous residues on your carpet. Pets inhale the noxious fumes and scents. Pets walk across freshly cleaned carpet to sit down, bathe themselves and inadvertently ingest residual toxins. You want the best for your pet. Your pet wants PUIRI.

Premium carpet package

Everything you ever wanted and more in carpet cleaning.

Would you like to know more?

Local carpet cleaning pricing>>

Comparison of packages>>


PUIRI uses a Powerful Stain Repellent. There are destructive elements trying to destroy your carpet; foot traffic, pets, children, and just life in general. Not only can we do an amazing job cleaning your carpet we can prolong the life of your carpet minimizing the damage that otherwise could be caused to your carpet.

Would you like to know more?

Unmatched Carpet Protection>>


Safely and effectively remove bacteria and allergens from your carpets with our carpet sanitizing process. Pet problems, a case of athlete’s foot or a toilet overflow can leave mold bacteria and allergens behind that we would rather not think about. Let PUIRI take care of those unpleasant things — you don’t have to give them another thought.


From Patching & Seaming to removing the waves from your carpet we can fix your carpets. Need more than carpet cleaning? No need to spend your valuable time watching endless YouTube videos on how to repair that carpet edge or how to repair carpet in a doorway when the carpet repair cost is minimal. Put away that carpet glue and let us show you our expertise in carpet repair.


We are blown away! PUIRI did amazing work on some very old carpet that we weren’t sure could be brought back to life. The only thing better than the quality of work was the price! We will absolutely be using this company again!!

Schedule online

Busy life? No time to call? Our online scheduling allows you to schedule your carpet cleaning here anytime it is convenient. From the comfort of your home in the middle of the day or the middle of the night. While your at work even if your just pretending to be busy. We make it easy for you Because You Deserve It.

Carpet Cleaning FAQ

There are lots of questions people ask. We have answers to most of them on our Carpet Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions page. There are a few we don’t answer like; How much does Stanley Steemer charge per room? But we can answer questions like Is Chem Dry better than steam cleaning? Here are a few and there are a lot more carpet cleaning questions answered on the page.

How much does it cost to have a carpet cleaned?

What is best carpet cleaning service?

How can I clean the carpet?

Do professional carpet cleaners vacuum first?

Is professional carpet cleaning worth it?

What is carpet steam cleaning?

Is dry carpet cleaning better than steam?

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