Mattress Cleaning

The most used upholstered item in your home is probably more crowded than you realize!

How dirty is your mattress? Has anyone ever discussed mattress cleaning with you? The time is now to decide to get that filthy mattress cleaned! Laying there each night, thinking of the bacteria, those tiny little dust mites, their fecal matter and your sweat. After all, one-third of your life is spent on your mattresses. Don’t put it off anymore!

We all unknowingly play host to unwanted visitors, unseen and lurking, causing health problems around the home. Dust mites are microscopic vectors of disease living by the millions in places like pillows, mattresses and carpets. These bugs thrive in dark and moist environments making your bed a prime habitat. Your mattress may have from 100,000 to 10,000,000 mites living inside of it. These little translucent-bodied pests are 250 to 300 microns in length (about two times the width of a human hair) making them invisible to the naked eye.

When was the last time you cleaned your mattress? We think about cleaning our kitchens, our bathrooms and our carpets, but there are things that we never think about cleaning or just forget to clean. Today we need to think about our mattress. It may be uncomfortable to think about it, but every night as we sleep, everybody sweats about half a pint of liquid from their body. Night after night, laying on that same mattress, sweating and shedding dead skin dander.

Dust mites thrive in your mattress feasting on dead skin from humans and pets. These dust mites are a major cause of allergies and asthma. Symptoms of dust mite allergies include nasal congestion, a runny nose, sneezing, red or watery eyes, difficulty breathing, asthma, eczema and hay fever. You may suffer from all or just a few of these symptoms. The reason we suffer from these symptoms is an immune response is triggered in our body when we inhale allergens, such as their fecal matter being 10 times smaller than the width of a strand of hair.

“In the latest study, researchers found that dust mites can directly trigger the production of oxidants known as free radicals, which can damage DNA in cells lining the airways.” February 2014 SMART Singapore- MIT Alliance for Research and Technology

You CAN breathe healthier AND save money!

There is no need to throw out your mattress. Mattresses can be expensive and it's difficult to find the perfect one. We take the time to clean our bed sheets but the bigger problem lies beneath, in the mattress itself.

Would you like to sleep free of bacteria and bugs?  Having a more hygienic sleeping environment promotes better health. PUIRI has several different methods to clean your mattress, depending on its type and condition. PUIRI’s anti-microbial mattress treatment provides long-term protection that lasts for months. Don’t neglect your health and comfort. Keep your mattress in the best condition possible. Have PUIRI clean your mattresses regularly.

Residential Pricing Guide

Standard Mattress Cleaning Service

Starting at – $109.95
(mattress only)

  • Mattress are dry cleaned so no need to wait to use it.
  • All sizes & types of mattresses serviced, including King, California King, Queen, Full, Twin, Crib, Tempurpedic, Foam and More!
  • Additional Mattresses starting at $89.95 each

Box Spring Cleaning

Starting at – $59.95
(with purchase of Standard Mattress Cleaning Service)

Mattress Stain Cleaning

(each mattress/box spring)

Mattress is professionally worked to remove specialty stains, such as blood and urine.

Deodorizing Mattress Treatment

$19.95 – $59.95
(each mattress)

Mattress is treated for extended amounts of time to remediate set-in odors. This service is rarely needed as our Standard Mattress Cleaning is very effective at removing odors.

Anti-Microbial Mattress Treatment

(each mattress)

This added step provides a revolutionary, natural, green, anti-microbial treatment for mattresses. This long term surface protection molecularly bonds to the substrate, rendering the material itself antimicrobial.

Additional Mattress Services Include:

  • Water damage remediation
  • Heavy smoke odor removal
  • Mattress storage bags
  • Bed bug removal


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