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Carpet Cleaning Seaside OR

Seaside is a great place to live and call home and it’s a great place to have a vacation home. Whether you live here full time or occasionally our homes need good care and services. If your home needs a regular maintenance cleaning or a complete restoration, we can get those carpets clean. We are more thana a one size fits all. We can clean your carpets in the way that fits you and your home best.

Steam Cleaning service

Seaside residents love our Steam Cleaning services. We use a system that uses powerful truck mounted extraction equipment with hot water to remove the dirt form you homes carpets. If your home is lightly soiled or it looks like a mess of Seagulls set up a sorority house in your living room, we can get it clean with our hot water extraction service. Schedule today. Learn more

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Homeowners of the seaside area are loving our Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning. Many people associate cleaning carpets with having to open up the windows to dry the house out, but it does not have to be the case. Our low moisture carpet cleaning is dry in an hour even if it’s raining outside. It uses a fraction of the water conventional cleaning takes. Schedule Today learn more.

Ultra-Low moisture Carpet Cleaning

Why Wait? Want it dry now? Using a natural nontoxic organic compound, we can clean your carpets safely and effectively. Have your carpets dry as soon as we are done cleaning. That is a zero dry-time. Schedule today! LEARN MORE

Online Scheduling in Seaside Or

Online scheduling for your carpet cleaning services in the Seaside area is now an option.  Your probably at work right now and can’t hardly wait to get your carpet cleaning scheduled. Right now, you can schedule online. It’s easy its convenient and here we go!

Stain removal Seaside

We live a lifestyle in an environment that can sometimes be hard on our carpets. Things happen things get spilled or tracked in. The PUIRI Team can gat those little mishaps out of your carpeting. No need to replace it just because of spots and stains. We are experienced in the removal of many spills from candle wax to gum and from slime to last night’s spaghetti dinner.

We also have a great DIY Spot Removal Guide if your wanting to take a shot at it. See our Spot removal Guide.

Odor and pet smell Removal

If you have a vacation home and chipmunks took up residence or you have pets in the home. Or for so many other reasons you can get funky odors and smells in the house. You may have tried already but we can do it for you. We have several ways to combat the smells in your home such as thermal fogging, ozone, enzyme treatments and oxidizers. We don’t just cover up the smells we remove them. LEARN MORE

Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning services

It’s easy to have your furniture cleaned when we are cleaning your carpets and rugs. From Grandmas old rocking chair to that sofa you purchased last year. We can clean and maintain your couch chairs or anything else with upholstery on it even your car. We will make your textiles fresh and great smelling.

Carpet Stretching

Just because you live by the beach doesn’t mean you need to live with waves in your carpet. PUIRI’s Carpet Re-stretching services in Seaside  will get rid of your wrinkles and waves in you carpet. Learn more about how we can help you with carpet stretching

Carpet Repair

There are several reasons carpets can get damaged. Many people are unaware that we can repair the damaged carpet. Don’t live with  it when you can have it fixed. Next time the cat or dog gets locked in a room and tries to dig out  or  the vacuum snags a piece of the carpet, give us a call. Learn more about how we can repair your carpets.

Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Keeping your home or office carpeting clean is our delight. Our vans are equipped to handle the most difficult commercial properties as well as being ready to sensibly care for your home’s carpets.  IF you have rentals, apartments and business, we can help you. The PUIRI Team has the carpet cleaning service you can depend on. We are the professional choice for all your carpet cleaning projects both big and small. Contact us today so we can help.

Other Seaside Cleaning & Restoration Services

Not only do we clean and beatify your carpets and rugs but there are many other services we offer from Pressure washing gutter cleaning window cleaning tile grout cleaning and lots more! LEARN MORE

Carpet Care Tips for Seaside residents

We have and extensive resource of knowledge and experience we are pleased to share with you.  If you want to know what the best vacuum to buy is or  how your carpet is made, What the best carpet for your seaside home, or many other things we have articles, pictures and videos for you.

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