Do your floors look dull? Is there a haze or light scratches?  Sandless hardwood floor refinishing is a maintenance opportunity designed to improve the look and condition of your hardwood without high cost and inconvenience.  The complete process is quick without the serious down time of a complete sanding and refinishing.  Have questions?  We are here to help.


Sandless Floor Refinishing: An Effective Solution!

A shiny, newly refinished floor is a welcome addition to any room. A fresh start for that warn old wood floor. It is a process that does not involve a huge mess to complete.

Traditional sanding and refinishing tend to involve mess most of us would rather avoid. Creating an interruption in the home that we can avoid.  Each process has its place.  If the floor is worn too much or has deep scratches that are desired to be removed than a sanding process may be the option. If it hasn’t gone too far then it is a great option.

Sandless refinishing gives you the best of both worlds: a beautifully clean floor without the messy sanding. With Hardwood Floor Maintenance sandless floor refinishing is the Green answer. It’s the better choice in material and energy usage.


How does Sandless Refinishing Work?

Sandless refinishing, does not involve sanding. Instead, the specialist uses a machine with abrasive pads and a liquid solution or a dry compound to remove debris from the surface of the floor. The machine lightly etches and removes any debris encapsulated in the medium. No sanding means no dust the specialist neutralizes and rinses the floor followed by a detail. A fresh coat of protective coating will give the floor strength and luster.

Having your floors refinished with our process will keep them looking good longer. The process could last for 5 or more years and will keep the wood safe.

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Some wood floors can only be sanded two to three times so sandless floor refinishing is a definite answer to a good investment in your home. With a cost of pennies on the dollar it is also a great way to save the budget. And it can be done in a day not days. 

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