It's Time to protect your carpets with carpet Protectant!

With carpet protectant, your carpets will last as long as you want without having to worry about life’s little mishaps. It has never been this easy to repel spills, dirt and stains. Your carpet will look better, and last longer when treated with Carpet Protectant. Each treated fiber fights to keep stains on the surface to provide easy cleaning.

Fully protects fibers to keep stains on the surface.

Makes cleaning easy for better looking carpet.

Repels soil and dirt for easy removal.

Using carpet Protectant can restore “just like new Protection” to your carpet as if it had come directly from the carpet mill. It’s not just surface protection it goes a lot deeper.
Our carpet protectants excel in dry soil protection that prevent unsightly fiber damage and appearance loss in traffic areas. This damage causes premature carpet replacement at a high cost that could have been prevented. The embedded dry soils scour the carpet fibers destroying them creating an appearance loss that cannot be corrected by any cleaning.
The protectant is designed not only to be resistant and prevent deep staining from food dies like those found in soda coffee wine and juice, but to be oil resistant with the ability to repel dry soil.
Many consumers are under the impression that their carpets are "stain proof” and therefore don't need carpet protector. There are some fibers are naturally stain resistant when it comes to dye stains like olefin and polyester but these carpets still need protection. Olefin and polyester fibers both attract oily soils and absorb them quite effortlessly. This is why some of these carpets in time seem to “yellow out”. They develop a yellow cast from oily residue that has bonded with the fibers over time.
Olefin and polyester are also very susceptible to damage from dry soils that scratch the fibers and create appearance loss that cannot be corrected by cleaning or anything else. And since these fibers love oily soils, dry soils stick easily where they are ground into the fibers by foot traffic, accelerating the fiber damage with a sandpaper effect.
Many protectors do not bond well with Polyester and olefin carpets so we use a product especially designed to adhere to them and will provide extremely high levels of protection against these oily and dry soils.
Among our protection options include water-based CFC and solvent free products specially designed to protect carpets from wet and dry soils.

Keep the spills from penetrating your carpet with Teflon!

You will be highly impressed when spills bead up on the carpet surface allowing them to be removed before wicking and staining occur. Teflon Advanced is the top quality protector on the market with more surface repellency than any other. Ask us for DuPont Carpet protector with Teflon®.

Keep your Carpets Healthy with BactiBarrier!

Carpet Protection to a whole new level with bacteriostatic, fungistatic and algistatic properties.
This Protector will control microorganisms without chemical poisons.
It creates electrically charged particles with an exceptional spear-like molecular structure. This attracts microbes carrying the opposite electrical charge irresistibly drawing them to come into contact with the Protectant’s piercing fragments rupturing the microbe’s cell walls. This product is safe and undetectable to human touch. Application of this product is a death sentence to single-cell organisms. Ask us about the BactiBarrier Surface Protector. This product can also be applied to other hard and soft surfaces in your home.

Keep your carpet looking beautiful with Scotchgard Protection!

We all have heard the name and probably used it but now it is better. Scotchgard™ 3M has changed the formula making it free of perfluorooctanol chemical (PFOS) compounds. Now you can get that same excellent stain protection that has enhanced environmental, health, and safety benefits. Ask us about using Scotchgard™ in your home.

When we protect your carpets don’t forget about fabric and upholstery protection. Your furniture is a big investment Protect it!

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