If you live with pets or have rental properties there will come a time when the carpets get damaged. We pride ourselves in being able to return your carpets to like new condition.

Wrinkles in the carpet will creep up on you. They are usually caused because the carpet was either not stretched properly or because the backing has relaxed. Most of the time it is because of improper installation. We can properly re-stretch your carpet giving you a safer more enjoyable home.

 Spills happen it's a part of life. Whether it is pet spots or food spills Most of the time we can get everything cleaned out of your carpets.  

 Fires are not a part of life we all experience. When it does PUIRI makes it easy to get back into your home as easily and quickly as possible.

 Children and grandchildren along with our pets can be hard on your carpets. Do you really want them playing on dirty carpets? Let us return your carpets to like new condition.

 Things Happen we clean mattresses and make them like new again.

Do you have dirty carpets, tile or something else that needs cleaning? Check out all our residential services.

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