Cheap & Easy Ways Window Screens Can Sell Your House

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Did you know your window screens have the potential to make or break a home sale?

If you’re trying to sell your home, should you leave your windows screens on your home or take them off and stow them in the garage? The choice is yours but how to make an informed choice? Maybe we can help you sort it out.

The Sparkle Effect

The brightest and cleanest feeling homes sell fastest. Nobody can deny that, when a potential home buyer walks through your front door, a bright, fresh, clean home is optimal for making that good first impression. At PUIRI, we call that “The Sparkle Effect”. You know what we mean. Subconsciously, it looks and sounds something like this:

That happy *ping* is elusive, though. A single, tiny, easily missed, easily overlooked detail may obliterate your Sparkle . . . and we never want that to happen.

Window Screens Option #1

One thing you can do is . . . leave your window screens in place.

Would it surprise you if we told you that your window screens may be one of those minute tidbits that inadvertently make your home less “sparkly”? (Ack! We don’t want that!) Even beautiful window screens, with no hole or rips or tears, can smash your Sparkle.

If you want your Sparkle to shine its brightest, make sure your window screens are in excellent repair and well-cleaned.

In our day and age, it seems like a lost art, but patching holes and replacing window screen mesh are simple skills that anyone can learn to do well in a matter of minutes. Happily, it’s cheap too! Home Depot can set you up with everything you need.

Click here to make it super easy to find your supplies and materials!

PUIRI home depot window screens

If you need help figuring out what you need and a visual for putting it all together, here’s a handy YouTube video.

Window Screens Option #2

Your other option, and our professional recommendation, is . . . take your window screens off and stash them.

Don’t get us wrong. Window screens are awesome because they allow us the glory of fresh, clean air while keeping the nasty bugs outside where they belong.

“If window screens are so great, why don’t home buyers want to see them?”

A Curious Customer

If window screens are so great, why don’t home buyers want to see them? We are so glad you asked!

Because, from an interior perspective, they block the light coming into your home. No matter how shiny and polished your windows may be, those window screens make the beautiful view out your crystal clean windows just a little bit dingy. Additionally, from the outside, they may detract from the overall curb appeal of the home by seemingly minimizing the size and number of windows on the house and that’s not good because you want potential buyers to feel your house is as light and bright as possible.

Here’s an example. Take a good look at the homes pictured below.

Can you count the window screens? They’re a little hard to miss, aren’t they? They don’t look bad, but they don’t look good either, but we can easily fix that.

That is why, when PUIRI cleans windows and window screens in preparation for a customer to sell their home, we will (almost always) set your screens in the garage, all ready for the new owner.

Removing your window screens before listing your home for sale is just one more way to boost the perceived value of your home without you spending any money. Your ROI (Return on Investment) is automatically increased. That’s an easy win!


Window screens are one of those itty-bitty details that nobody notices but people do notice. They just don’t realize that they notice.

But you are a savvy home seller and now you know how to take advantage of one of those little things that other sellers normally don’t even know they’re supposed to take care of. And that’s what sells a house.


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