What Kind of Vacuum Should I Buy?

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Carpet cleaning is much more than just having a professional come out once or twice a year. A critical part of keeping your carpets as clean as possible is to have a good vacuum and use it.

Which one should you buy? The most important answer is that it has to be one that you will use. Having an expensive vacuum that is hard to handle or tiresome to use is not going to get it done. More often than not it will stay in the closet for another day.Shark NV505 So, when that Kirby, Filter Queen or Rainbow salesman comes by, all he is doing is filling up your closet and draining your bank account.

A good quality machine does not have to be that expensive. Don’t break the bank. Many professionals will recommend something between $350 and $450 but, for the average user, this is more than you need to spend.

I recommend you use the same vacuum we use. For years we have used Kirby machines because they are durable and low cost maintenance, however they are not what we use anymore. When we went to a HEPA vacuum we passed by the expensive traditional commercial market units and grabbed hold of the Shark NV501.

After extensive use and testing, this vacuum has proven to be durable enough to be used on a daily basis. As a professional carpet cleaner, we can vacuum up to 25,000 square feet of carpet a day. We have had no trouble with this amazing machine.

I highly recommend this versatile combination upright and canister vacuum to be your choice for your home.

What does HEPA stand for?
High Efficiency Particle Arrest


The Shark Rotator’s HEPA anti-allergen seal traps 99.9% of dust and allergens (according to IEC 60312-1 standard). Three filters, two of which are washable.

If you’re especially sensitive to dust and allergens, buying a vacuum with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter is a smart starting point.

“There are newer vacuum cleaners that have different filtration systems, but we always recommend that a HEPA filter is there somewhere,” says Sanaz Eftekhari, director of corporate affairs at The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. “The HEPA filter will trap the matters and molecules that are coming in, so they won’t go back into the air.”

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