The Effects of Pet Urine on Your Rug

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Even the best-trained pets will occasionally give their owners an encounter with pet urine. Often, the accident is not discovered until long after the incident. We all know it is best to address urine stains as soon as possible but sometimes we are not aware of their presence until they have made residence in you carpets for some time. We will discuss the effects concerning pet urine on your carpets:

The Smell

Perhaps the smell is how you found the accident. These spots if not treated properly will permeate the entire home and can have a negative impact on your health, comfort, and contentment. As urine dries, the liquid evaporates but the urine residue will become even more concentrated creating a pungent smell when rewet by any moisture. Sometimes all it takes to activate the smell is a day of higher humidity.

Animals are often prone to continue urinating in the same area over and over. Only special treatment of the area can break the urge for your pet to have repeated incidents. Until the smell is completely eliminated that area will be prone to further usage and damage.

Dye Bleeding & Fiber Damage

Urine can affect the dyes used in rugs and carpets. In wool it can create a break in the dye bond causing the rugs color to bleed. For instance a darker color will run into a lighter area.

Urine can also cause PH imbalances causing color shifting or a change in color. The affected dyes go through a chemical change resulting in a browning or a change in color – usually a red, orange, or yellowing color.

Success of removing these discolorations is dependent on the content of the urine. The foods that the animal eats usually contain colors and dies. It is these dies along with other chemicals present that affect the fibers in the carpet. Factory dies in the rug or carpet the fiber type and the time elapsed will all be factor in the removal of the stains after the accident.

Some reactions may be immediately noticeable, while others may take a week, month or sometimes even longer for a reaction. Long term or repeat urine exposure often can lead to mildew, delamination and rot in the rug.

To avoid excess damage and repeat accidents, it is important to confront the spots as quickly as possible. If there is moisture present blot the area with white towels until no more moisture can be soaked up. Then lightly saturate the spot with plain white vinegar poured through baking soda. The chemical reaction of the vinegar and baking soda will create a compound reaction that releases carbon dioxide bubbles that will suspend and neutralize the urine. Blot dry the spot with white towels. The use of a high and low PH substance will generally result in a neutral PH and will prevent the common browning problem with urine stains. Sometimes the spot will require a more specialized cleanup. PUIRI is always here to help you.

The use of pet stain removal products from the big box stores will often cause irreversible damage to your rugs and carpets. We advise our customers to never use these products. Let us help restore your carpets for you. ~PUIRI~

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