Longview Carpet Cleaning Services


Ultra-Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Dry in Less Than 5 Minutes

You want your carpets dry now, because you want to use them now; not in a few hours or in thirty minutes. With PUIRI’s new, cutting edge Ultra-Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning System, you can have your cake and eat it too. No fuss, just great fresh, clean carpets – every time.


Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Dry in 30-60 Minutes

Nothing is more inconvenient than having your carpets cleaned and then having to wait hours for them to dry. PUIRI offers a carpet cleaning option that is getting rave reviews. Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning leaves your carpets dry in less thirty minutes and ready for normal use. It is a great option for those routine maintenance cleanings.


Steam Carpet Cleaning

Dry in 4-6 Hours

With our custom-fabricated equipment, our powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines deliver the ultimate in clean. Expert training and product knowledge, combined with superior equipment, means PUIRI provides your carpet the luxury spa treatment it deserves.


Organic Carpet Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly

Have you tried to do-it-yourself with that DIY non-toxic carpet cleaner recipe but regretted it? PUIRI’s Organic Carpet Cleaning is a great, baby-safe, eco-friendly, green carpet cleaning service, using our natural, organic and hypoallergenic products, to give you fresh clean carpets.


Odor Control

Removal & Deodorizing

Life happens and sometimes it stinks. How do you get the “Fido Funk” out of your carpet that’s making the whole house smell like dog urine? Maybe your carpet smells foul like the moldy tent you neglected to air out after that campout in the torrential downpour. Do you have a cat who prefers your carpet to the lawn? We can remove the source of the smell and lift out the odor too!


Pet Smart Cleaning Package

Non-Toxic & Pet Safe

The health and safety of our pets is important to us. PUIRI offers pet-safe, non-toxic carpet cleaning. Poor carpet cleaning practices and the use of less-than-stellar products leave dangerous residues on your carpet. Pets inhale the noxious fumes and scents. Pets walk across freshly cleaned carpet to sit down, bathe themselves and inadvertently ingest residual toxins. You want the best for your pet. Your pet wants PUIRI.


Carpet Sanitizing

Removes Bacteria and Allergens

Pet problems, a case of athlete’s foot or a toilet overflow can leave things behind that we would rather not think about. Let PUIRI take care of those unpleasant things — you don’t have to give them another thought.


Carpet Protectant

Powerful Stain Repellent

There are destructive elements trying to destroy your carpet . . . foot traffic, pets, children, life. What if we told you that there is a way to minimize the damage and prolong the life of your carpet? Protectant — it’s like a cloaking device for your carpet.


Carpet Stretching & Repair

Patching & Seaming

Need more than carpet cleaning? No need to spend your valuable time watching endless YouTube videos on how to repair that carpet edge or how to repair carpet in a doorway when the carpet repair cost is minimal. Put away that carpet glue and let us show you our expertise in carpet repair.

We are blown away! PUIRI did amazing work on some very old carpet that we weren’t sure could be brought back to life. The only thing better than the quality of work was the price! We will absolutely be using this company again!!

Why Choose PUIRI for your Longview Carpet Cleaning Services?

Trained Experience

Knowledge, involvement, skill, practice and understanding drive us to be the finest at our craft. We have become the experts when it comes to excellent carpet cleaning here in Longview.

Proper Tools

We possess the proper tools and equipment to get the cleaning done, keeping us effective and making us effective where others cannot perform. We often lift stains that have been passed over by other cleaners.

Competitive Pricing

We are pleased to deliver top-quality carpet cleaning services at locally competitive prices. We are service driven and will maintain a top-quality carpet cleaning that is locally affordable.

Quality Guarantee

Every cleaning is an opportunity to exercise our skill and knowledge to create that 5-star carpet cleaning right here in Longview. Our standards are testament to your guarantee of quality every time.

Longview Experts

After years serving the people in the Longview area, we have become the trusted choice for all things carpet. Our great customer and community support allow us to pride ourselves on a job well done.


Because You Deserve It.

Cleaner, deeper and better than the other guys.

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